“dark souls isn’t for you. play something else.” a different brand of elitism not based on “git gud”? i dunno it always bothered me that everyone thinks that elitism in dark souls is an e-peen wanking contest and i wanted to get my dumbass opinion out. long title hype???

maybe i should git gud at writing so i can finally communicate effectively.

It always struck me as strange, and kind of peeved me off, that anyone who requested an easy mode for Dark Souls was always met with that phrase, “Dark Souls isn’t for you.  Play something else.”  It’s just so… dismissive.  Like the community says you can’t join their club because you aren’t willing to play for the “right” reasons.  They say this for basically anybody that doesn’t align with the community’s overall opinions.  Want to play the game for the story and atmosphere but hate difficulty?  “Play something else.”  Want to enjoy co-op with your friends without having to worry about invaders because you dislike PvP?  “Play something else.”  There’s no attempting to help them, no trying to convince them that they’ll like it regardless of what they don’t like, no suggestions of mods that will give them the experience they want, and no opening up to let them join the community.

for the record im never going to play dark souls.  never really enjoyed arpgs all that much.  especially ones that are more difficult.  guess i should git gud at gaming tastes.  hahahaha if you actually tell me that my tastes suck ill probably do nothing but you should know that i hate you.

The rest of this blog post is going to be about arguments I’ve heard against an easy mode for Dark Souls, and my counter-arguments for them.  I’m only going to use the kerfuffle around easy mode as my examples, because it’s the only time I’ve ever heard of the Dark Souls community being elitists in the way that I want to talk about here.

oh boy this post is turning into a listicle.  my next post will be the top 10 reasons your birth mother is a virgin.  the first reason is that you’re jesus.  the other 9 reasons are just auto-playing auto-reloading video ads that you cant mute or pause.

Argument 1: “Dark Souls is meant to be a pure experience that is difficult as that is the entire point of the game”

Counter-argument 1: You’re trying to control how others play the game because, to you, there is only one “correct” reason and way for playing the game.  Players should either experience the game as it was intended, or not bother playing.  I will ask you if you’ve ever heard of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and its fan-made mod Project M.  The game’s director attempted to make SSBB more casual as he wanted to discourage a specific way of playing Smash and encourage the way he wished for it to be played.  This drew massive backlash from the Smash community, and they responded by creating Project M, which was them “fixing” the game so it appealed to a larger crowd.  I ask you, why is restricting the experience to the “pure” one a good idea?  Why shouldn’t other people be able to play the game because they might not get the “pure” experience?  That seems overly controlling in a medium that relishes choices, and I would say the same of any game developer who wishes to control the experience as much as possible.

Argument 2: “If Dark Souls adds an easy mode it won’t just affect those who play it, but everyone who plays because they’ll have to design the game around it”

Counter-argument 2: The problem here is that you’re afraid the developers are too incompetent to develop an easy mode properly.  I would say those fears are horribly unfounded.  They have been creating the Dark Souls series as a hard-as-balls ARPG on purpose, despite knowing that making it more accessible means more money.  They know how the game ticks, and what makes it a great experience, and clearly aren’t willing to make it more accessible if it means throwing away what made the game great in the first place.  Not to mention the higher-ups clearly haven’t cared that the game is more niche anyways, so why are you so afraid that they’ll fuck it all up?  Why do you tell casuals to never play a Dark Souls game and to stay far, far away, rather than put the onus on the developers?

Argument 3: “If more people beat Dark Souls, it will devalue all those who already have”

Counter-argument 3: This one is actually more of a problem with how you enjoy Dark Souls, and possibly life in general, which unfortunately is affecting others (and that’s why it’s a problem).  You see “beating Dark Souls” as a status symbol, rather than a reward for working hard.  Your enjoyment of Dark Souls is all external, you want to show off that you beat this “exclusive game” for “real gamers” and how awesome you are.  You may also be a “git gud” elitist because you may beat the game after handicapping yourself and then use that to devalue everyone else’s achievements, because you’re kind of a douche and want to pump up your own ability by shitting on everyone else.  Of course that’s just an educated hypothesis based on what you’re telling me.  I may be entirely wrong, but it’s what I’m going with for the time being.

Argument 4: “Why can’t people understand that the game is niche and let the developers develop what they want?”

Counter-argument 4: They’re making a product, dude.  People are free to criticize their product or their thought process for their product, and you can criticize those people for whatever, and they can discuss with you or argue or whatever.  Don’t try to limit arguments and discussion because all you want is to have your niche game for whatever reason.  Actually participate in the discussion in a constructive way rather than dismiss everyone who disagrees with you.  And if the developers decide for or against making it more accessible, that’s fine, and people can still levy their complaints and so on like an actual marketplace does.

if youre reading this, then you may have scrolled right to this part or actually read the above.  i honestly cant tell so just take a cookie.  actually go bake your own its not that hard.

I don’t know I always get the feeling I’m wrong, but I want to have this discussion because fuck me, man.  It’s interesting to me.

share this blog post to get a chance at winning a new car.  im not going to tell you what kind of car or how old it is or even if it exists, but you can win whatever it is im giving away. ❤ all of you dipshits


hey look im posting here again despite my class being over for several months. i must be mental. anyways iphone music issues.

whoops i felt like blogging again even though i no longer get graded for this shit.  also apparently i got a visitor from russia like 3 weeks ago and im not sure why.

Sooo I have an iPhone.  I wouldn’t say a proud owner because, well, it’s just a damn phone.  It does the things I want it to do, which is make calls, check emails, send text messages, and play dumbass games that don’t amount to much beyond tapping a graphic repeatedly.  It also plays music, and I absolutely love to listen to my 2,500 songs on shuffle while driving to work.  Nothing says “morning commute” like blaring chiptuney nonsense from my speakers as I take the interstate donut as I like to call it (Interstate 465, bitches).  Pretty sure my fellow drivers can hear my shit, but I can never tell for sure.

get blasted in the face with a vrc6 example of my garbage music.  also shameless plug for my older bro and his undertale remix project because i love him and his work and im still undertale trash. oh well.

Okay, so the reason for this random post right the fuck out of nowhere is that my iPhone has a few problems with playing my damn music properly.  The major one is that shuffling all of my 2,500 songs causes the same 150 songs to repeat on shuffle.  Like, what the fuck kind of shuffling algorithm are you using, Apple?  How does this happen?  I have 2,350 other songs I’d like to randomly listen to.  I put all my songs on shuffle specifically for that reason, and you can’t even do that right?  Goddammit, Apple.

basically apple cant even do bogosort properly.  imagine if they tried other sorting algorithms.  the worlds first O(n^n) sorting method.  no thank you.

The other problem that I’m having, is that random songs, when played, suddenly have parts cut out.  Now, this doesn’t affect the actual file, just the playback that is current.  Sooo, what the fuck.  All you have to do is load the audio file and play it back as is, Apple.  What the hell are you doing to the file that causes entire chunks of audio to just go missing?  And the missing chunk is random size, too!  Like sometimes a 3 minute song will be missing 10 seconds.  And other times, a 4 minute song is missing 3 minutes!  How???

doesnt fucking help that the cuts are accompanied by a piercing static sound each time.  its okay i didnt need my hearing today.

I’m not sure what the crap is going on in my iPhone for these screw-ups to occur, but they’re happening, and they’re annoying.  But it’s fine.  These bonehead mistakes aren’t major enough for me to not bother with Apple products, and a blog post was really unnecessary.  But damn if this wasn’t fun to write!

apple?  more like asshole amiright?  hahahaha.  got a sense of humor comparable to a 5th grader.

the best of the worst: my top comments and blog posts according to me and not you

last post here we go.  i got the party poppers and confetti for this reason.

My two favorite best blog posts:

ima remix your face

I like this one because of how personal it gets for me and I really like the title.  Also I like the tone that I use for some reason.

trolls? no thanks mr. hanks

I also like this one because it’s also very personal, I take a strong stance, and the title makes no sense.  The questions are nice too.

hang on i need to get the champagne.

My two best comments:

Online Games and Harassment

I like my contribution to this one, and the fact that I show emotions.

Viral Media – Is Raising Awareness Enough??

I offered my opinion and kept it short.

aaaaaaaand thats a wrap folks.  see y’all never probably.  id like to thank you all for putting up with my shit for so long.  i love you all.

als well that ends well

als oil bucket challenge??? bad smash bros jokes??? just another day i guess???

Honestly when the Ice Bucket crap was going on, I didn’t really care, mostly ’cause it was clearly doing something for the charity, as evidenced by an article we read this week.  In it, it talks about how the ice bucket challenge is mostly used by people to boost their egos, but it also states that

The ALS Association told Fox Boston that it has raised $1.35 million in the past two weeks. It raised just $22,000 in the same period last year.

That’s friggin’ huge, man.  But it also criticizes the fact that the whole meme doesn’t really tell anyone about what the hell the disease even is, which I always have a problem with.  I like to know what it is I’m helping or deciding on, because I like context sometimes!

context! textcon! a convention for writing? guess whos up at 2:50 in the morning writing this!

Context is supes important and when I don’t get it, I’m kind of annoyed that I’m asked to give thoughts or actions about the issue.  Why is it not okay for me to be like, “I dunno, I don’t know much about the problem so I probably shouldn’t comment on it” but nooooo that’s not cool.  Ya gotta have an opinion on everything even if it doesn’t mean anything because you don’t know what it is you have an opinion on!

educate yo’self

What do y’all think of memes lacking context despite doing extreme good?  I’d honestly like it to be there for the sake of education.  Maybe most people don’t care though and I’m crazy.  Ah well.  Not like I’m new to being crazy anyways.

speaking of memes.  political memes can go to hell for i care.  doesnt matter what party its trashing or advocating for.  that shit doesnt belong on my facebook feed.  the comments are even worse oh my god.  its like a black hole of anger and shit throwing that i cant handle without losing faith in everything.  even better when the memes dont even make sense or get shit wrong.  fuck.

overly emotional titles drive this person crazy! you wont believe why!

id rather be browsing reddit right now honestly

I’ve always hated those titles because they exaggerate the emotional appeal of whatever the content is.  It makes it seem tryhardey with getting shares, and if you are trying too hard with a title, I assume the actual content sucks.  We had to read this for class and the following quote in the link reads:

Positivity and arousal go a long way toward explaining the success of Web sites like Upworthy, which started in 2012 and is known for using headlines designed to make you laugh, cry, or feel righteous anger (for example, on the site right now, “A Hilarious Stand-Up Routine About How Commercials for Black People Actually Sound” and “The Struggles of Being a Woman in a Male-Dominated Field Summed Up in a Short Comic”).

One of those videos, the one about black people commercials, is pretty funny, but I feel the headline doesn’t really have the level of emotions I felt for the video.  The headline was too much, and because it was too much, I’m skeptical about any exaggeration in headlines because chances are things aren’t going to live up to them and I know this.

gonna pass out in a few minutes… or maybe just read more undertale subreddit???  fuck i dunno

Another link!  Something to take away from that link is that if content doesn’t live up to the title, the article won’t get shared because you’ve tricked people.  And that’s my problem.  Why should I trust your site to give me what you say I’ll get if I haven’t gotten it ever?  Has anyone ever found a clickbaity title that actually has content that lives up to the hype?  Prove me wrong!


rip me

gg no re

I find it pretty interesting that Facebook has guidelines for people’s accounts when they die.  It’s something not a lot of people think about, as far as I’m aware, but it’s there, and it’s a good question to ask.  One of the things Facebook can do is create a memorial account out of your original account.  An excerpt from this article reads:

Memorialized accounts are a place for friends and family to gather and share memories after a person has passed away.

Basically, your account stays there for everyone to remember you from, you just can’t post to it because you’re, well, dead.

not big surprise

I mean, when we think of dying, we usually think about what we’ll leave behind for others to use, and that generally involves physical things and not virtual ones.  Facebook accounts aren’t the entire world for most people, so it falls to the bottom of most people’s lists.  However, we use Facebook a lot in our lifetimes nowadays.  We use it for photos, memories, etc.  We need a way to keep that alive for others to see.

i mean facebook has ways of creating photo albums.  maybe its a good idea to save them for others to see?

What do you all think about memorializing social media accounts?  Is it a good idea to save them for others to see?  Or should we scrap them completely?

trolls? no thanks mr. hanks

theyre eating her!  and then theyre going to eat me!  oh my gawwwwwd!

So, for class, we had to read this article about one Mr. Charles Johnson getting his ass banned from Twitter.  What I’d like to talk about today involves this quote:

In other words, Johnson’s saying, Twitter is differentiating between types of acceptable speech; they’re redrawing the boundaries of things you can say in public and things you can’t say in public, in a way that Johnson and others —including Twitter! — aren’t necessarily used to.

They aren’t redrawing the boundaries, for God’s sake!  They’re drawing the boundaries on things you can say using their platform!

relevant xkcd comic

A website is not the government, and as such does not have to conform to the first amendment.  But the thing is, you can exercise YOUR right to free speech to denounce the website and take your business elsewhere, you just can’t take legal action.  This is how it’s supposed to work.

droppin a link your way!  wheeeeeeee!

Of course, everyone has their own opinion of how a website should moderate, and I’d guess Charles up there would prefer if a website let him post whatever he wanted (maybe, I can’t actually read his mind here but that’s what I’m getting from him).  I’m of the opinion that a website should allow any opinion to be expressed, but if the discussion of said opinion turns into hostility or anger, then appropriate action may be taken.  Reddit tries to do this, but a problem I’ve found is that the subreddits tend to become echo chambers in a way, with unpopular opinions that are stated without hostility get downvoted, while popular opinions that come with great hostility get upvoted.  But what are your opinions on how sites should be run?  How about moderation?  Do you agree that Charles Johnson should have been banned, or do you disagree?


nananananananananananananananana barf.

1.  What topic (misconception) are you considering for your research project and why?

I’m thinking on doing something on how video games are portrayed (e.g. towards children or too violent).

2.  In one sentence, state the goal of your infographic as it relates to the misconception you’ve chosen. What is it supposed to show?

Prove that video games are not as simple and easy to understand as a lot of people do.

3.  Who will be the intended audience for your infographic. (Think specifically here. Don’t just say “Anyone who is interested in…”)

People who don’t understand anything about video games and how they are developed, marketed, or rated.

4. Lessig writes that good remixes deliver a more powerful message than any original source or than text alone. How will your infographic accomplish this? Why will it be more persuasive to your audience than the individual sources you read?

Well if we’re going blunt here, it’ll be an infographic and not just words.  But otherwise, it’ll be able to make the information easy to be digested.

5.  Which one or two infographics from the course text would you like to use as an example for your own work? Why?

The email one on page 22 looks pretty cool and I’d like to use it for my own to show the percentages of games and gamers for specific things.

6.  Make a detailed list of the data and information that you need to find and consider some ideas for the types of sources you might look for. The more developed this section is, the better you will be able to use your library time on Friday.

Ratings of video games, ages of gamers, games with blood and/or guns.

Is any of this information easy to find?  Does anyone know?

ima remix your face

welcome to round 2 of required shitposting blogging.  i would like to start by thanking splatoon for gracing us with a glorious final boss with amazing quotes.

So copyright is a thing.  And I would like to talk about that thing.  Not just because it was a topic that we read about as homework even though that’s totally why I’m doing it but because I would like to discuss copyright as it affects a lot of what I do on the Internet.

and before you ask no im not talking about pirating

I listen to a lot of video game music because of the environment I grew up in.  Now, I don’t know if everyone knows this, but video game music generally doesn’t get released in purchasable forms, and even if it does, the big name companies make it a rare commodity hardly worth the ridiculous price tag.  Seriously.  Indie games thankfully don’t have this problem too much, but old video games and video games from big companies are very stubborn about giving people their games’ music.  As a result, a lot of video game music gets posted on places like Youtube for people to easily listen to it, which is very much copyright infringement.  On the plus side, however, most game companies don’t care about this.  I’m guessing this is because listening to a game’s soundtrack isn’t really going to destroy their sales thanks to gameplay being the leading factor in buying games.

even games like ddr where music is a primary element to the game and all you do is hit buttons in time really really fast.  also is ddr even a thing nowadays?  damn i miss those games.

Another thing I like to listen to is video game remixes.  I have rap songs, electronic songs, piano and guitar songs, ska songs, metal songs, etc. that were originally songs from video games.  Those are all technically copyright infringement as well, but, again, game companies don’t bother going for them because video game music isn’t a main selling point for a lot of games.  Now, if you remember from a few paragraphs ago where I mentioned the environment I grew up in, I was talking about my older brother, who is a remixer for the site that those previous remixes came from.

shameless plug shameless plug shameless plug

So, now that I’ve bored you with my background that you absolutely needed to hear probably didn’t care about, what the fuck am I getting at?  I honestly have no idea myself, but dammit I’ll try!

oh wait my theme for this blog is not trying.  shit.

In this reading that we did for class, a specific quote kind of irks me.  It reads:

But what happens when writing with film (or music, or images, or every other form of “professional speech” from the twentieth century) becomes as democratic as writing with text? As Negativland’s Don Joyce described to me, what happens when technology “democratiz[es] the technique and the attitude and the method [of creating] in a way that we haven’t known before. . . . [I]n terms of collage, [what happens when] anybody can now be an artist”?

Well, in the various schools that I’ve been enrolled in, being able to freely cite whomever you want doesn’t mean you can’t just fill your papers with nothing but quotes and expect to be done.  You need to put some of your own flair, style, and, frankly, words to get a good enough grade.  In fact, according to this link that I totally didn’t just look up right this minute, copying large amounts of any work is considered copyright infringement, so small amounts are okay.

im doing this at 2 in the damn morning.  what am i doing with myself?

But then I have to ask, what specifically is okay according to the laws?  I can understand taking down the soundtracks to these video games, seeing as they just copy the whole thing and share it, but what about remixes?  If you change it enough, is it okay?  Or is the amount remixed all that matters?  Another thing is that if the company isn’t being damaged significantly by copyright infringement and the company isn’t even selling the thing being infringed, like in Youtube video game soundtrack videos, why the hell are they still illegal?  I don’t know, anyone else wanna chime in here?

please wait until morning cuz ima go to bed and pass out for several hours.  this phenomenon is otherwise known as sleeping.

screw you ill use emojis however i damn please.

welcome to my required blog for my writing class.  heres hoping that yall have a good time and i dont get fs on every bloody assignment.

So we were reading this article for class, and I never realized how seriously the UNICODE take emojis.  It’s pretty damn intense.  I don’t quite understand the need to have standards for effing emoji of all things.  Take this excerpt for example:

See that little drip? Yeah, you (and I and everyone!) though it was a snot bubble, or maybe a tear. Well, it’s not. You can’t use this emoji to denote you have a cold anymore, friends. Not if you want to be doing it right, anyway. That emoji means “sleepy” and Unicode is going to clear that up. Unicode “Propose[s] changing the chart glyph to remove the nasal bubble, which is too specific to Japanese usage… Consider whether this will change the interpretation in Japan.”

Okay, cool, you want an emoji that shows that you’re tired in a more clear manner, but what’s wrong with the current emoji that it can’t be included?  Does a single emoji take up that much space?  Is it that difficult to upkeep another bloody emoji?  I mean c’mon!  There’s also the case that emoji vocabulary can go past what the original intent is, so trying to get people to use things correctly is kind of silly.  This isn’t formal English that needs to follow specific rules or else no one understands each other and miscommunications happen and then NASA loses millions of dollars.  Also, is that CNN website look really skinny to anyone else?  Seriously.

hey look! something i found interesting and somewhat relevant to what im talking about.

Sometimes breaking rules doesn’t freaking matter in the end.  There’re reasons the Internet gets mad at Grammar Nazis.  You know, those assholes who get pissed at people for making easy grammar mistakes or use those as an argument against that person.  We hate them because they’re being unbelievably pedantic about nothing important.  Maybe UNICODE is being unbelievably pedantic about nothing important.  Maybe UNICODE needs some Bob Ross in their lives.  Chillax some.

oops its over.  can i have my a now?